Soooo this just happened recently—a sea otter …

Soooo this just happened recently—a sea otter was spotted chowing down on a California spiny lobster off the back deck of the Aquarium!

Spiny lobsters can be found in Monterey Bay, but they’re fairly rare to see, especially ones of this size! They’re far more common in the warmer waters off Southern California and the Channel Islands.

During warm waters years, such as during El Niño events and “The Blob” that lasted from 2013 to 2016, larval lobsters have made their way into Monterey Bay in the past. Divers have spotted miscellaneous mid-sized lobsters around the peninsula recently, and this otter was certainly gifted with an entrée of surprising proportions!

Thanks to the staff, volunteers and guests that spotted the event and managed to snag these photos!

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