I might need a favour from y’all

So, I work at a petsmart. I hate it, but it was a job that deals with animals that I could reliably transit to.

The problem I have is that the store I work at is so severly understaffed. We are supposed to always have at least 6 people in the store, and we usually have 3. One pet care (me), one cashier, and a manager.

Animals aren’t getting taken care off, all of our fish tanks are disgustingly covered in algae, and habitats aren’t getting cleaned. Because one person is expected to deep clean the back rooms (there are two, one for sick animals and one for animals that just came in), deep clean the animals on the sales floor (hamsters, birds, and reptiles) and make sure that the fish tanks (all 150+) are all cleaned and ready to go by the time to store opens. Problem is, each of those tasks take at least an hour. And we have to get it done in 2 hours. By ourselves.

It’s so so stressful, and makes me want to quit my job because of how much I have to get done in so little time.

There’s about 137 of you. I am asking that if you have a petsmart close to you that is understaffed, write an email to corprate. Corprate listens to customers, not employees. Put in a complaint saying that you will go to another store if the severe lack of understaffing isn’t fixed. But please make sure you add understaffing into your complaint, otherwise corporate will just have existing employees and animals suffer more by having us focus even more so on customer service (at my store we pretty much have to stalk customers, asking about pets, why they’re here, what items they’re getting, what they plan on doing for the weekend with their pets, its ridiculous).

I still plan on leaving petsmart and going into a better paying, and more care directed at animals. Because I’m tired of being scolded for not taking care of animals but also not focusing only on customers.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.


Starting up my first planted tank in my 5.5. I think its going to look great once it grows out. Btw, any one know what this is (the grass looking one in the back)? She isn’t doing to great and I don’t know how to take care of her.

It was all green and grass like when I got it, but after Persephone passed, it just started dying really quickly.



Betta sororities.

These are my betta girls.

Rosie ⬇️

And Tiny ⬇️

Both of them are kept alone. They usually both have their own tank. Usually. I’ve had an emergency, one of Dad’s cichlids got injured so I had to take him to recover. Since I don’t want Tiny to share a tank with a way bigger cichlid, I decided to take her to Rosie’s tank until the cichlid is able to get back to the cichlid tank. Of course I’ve seperated both betta girls with a wall (you can see it in the background of Tiny’s picture).

When I moved the tank a bit, the wall slipped just a little bit – and I didn’t see it. So Rosie went through the small space and attacked Tiny immediately.

⬆️ This is Tiny after being attacked. Barely able to swim, her fins ripped. Of course I seperated them directly when I saw what happened and gladly Tiny recovered within a few days. Still I feel terrible because she got injured because of MY mistake. It’s not Rosie’s fault, that’s how bettas behave with each other.

Please, please never put two or more bettas together. Not even females. It’s pure stress for them and it can end worse than my case. So please do your bettas a favor and keep them in their very own tank. Sororities will never work, even though it “looks cool” and your bettas might seem to “get along very good”.

Preach it!


I’m not saying call my work and complain about how shitty my store manager is…buuuttttt….

Basically we are not allowed to deny the sale of any animal, no matter the circumstances, because they are just a product and we can’t be na*is about our products because too many people are uncomfortable that we won’t sell animals to them. So I have to sell 8 goldfish for a .5 gallon bowl or else I will be fired. Its only breaking corprate policies and abusing animals.

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