Starting up my first planted tank in my 5.5. I think its going to look great once it grows out. Btw, any one know what this is (the grass looking one in the back)? She isn’t doing to great and I don’t know how to take care of her.

It was all green and grass like when I got it, but after Persephone passed, it just started dying really quickly.


Hygrophila balsamica

One of my favorite plants simply because there’s no other finely textured plants that has 15 cm/6’’ diameter. Like other Hygrophila, it is very easy in care, but high light and CO2 helps getting finer and bigger leaves. A few sources say it is fairly fast growing, but in my case it grows moderately slow. Unlike the rather messy Hygrophila difformis, Hygrophila balsamica can be made in very neat terraced bushes and thus it makes and very interesting addition to the fore- and midground of larger aquascapes, in particular in dutch-style tanks. Only it’s emersed form produces the toxic sap, the sap can also be removed by water logging the emersed stems for three days prior to adding to the tank.

Whether it’s the fine texture or the thrill of having toxic plants in your aquarium makes you interested in it – if you can, give Hygrophila balsamica a try, it really is an underrated plants that could use some love.

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